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Jane’s Addiction - Brixton Academy 15th March 1991

Cheese on toast and Newky Brown for tea. Wearing my spangle silver shirt, black shorts, silver sparkle lurex tights and monkey boots, met K & M at the station and trained dahn to Brixton for it was Jane’s Addiction Day…

A v. crap heavy metal meets late Ramones bollocks type support and a drink, followed by Primus. Kinda heavy, funky, disjointed stuff, you know what I mean. Featured a singer with horrid plaits and a long johns/romper suit type garment. Moved over near the sound desk as K. couldnae see as it was really packed, hundreds of Yanks there.

Had to wait ages for ver Jane to appear, but they were thunder and lightening very, very exciting. Perry Farrell (in a flat cap?!) was kinda frightening. The stage was stuffed full of religious icon things & flowers, candles, fairy lights - very bohemian crash pad. At the back was the big ace sculpture from the sleeve of ‘Ritual De Lo Habitual’. I moved on down towards the front so I could groove with the masses and was thrilled by ‘Standing In The Shower Thinking’, yay!

Pezza Fazza threw daffodils into the crowd and spent ages rambling on various topics, inc. how he heard the English dropped bombs on the Gulf, too, & it must be true ‘cos he saw it on CNN; ‘Have you ever been to the cinema & stuck your dick thru the bottom of a popcorn box? Neat trick, huh?’; ‘Someone told me a lot of crusties follow the band, are there any crusties here? Can one show me what they look like so I know what a crusty is?’

They did ‘Been Caught Stealing’ and ‘Mountain Song’, giving me whiplash and ‘Summertime Roll’ and stuff. The encore was ‘Jane Says’, rilly beautiful with all the steel drums included, loud loud, and everyone singing, ‘JANE SAYS have you seen my wig around…’ etc. Ended on ‘Chip Away’ with the whole band plus this girl who’d been on violin sitting in a semi-circle thumping away on drums. Wooh hippy jam!

Spiritualized - ICA 14th/15th June 1991

Groo! It’s a cold & bleesome crap ‘summer’, but today we rejoice! Wore my flowery ‘60s mini-dress and hit the ICA. Very artscentrey inside. Supports were Sensitize, dodgy old Wonderstuff type crap and Electrahead who were nothingly forgettable.

Everyone sat down for Spiritualized, what a big bunch of hippies. Kind of gig where it was nice to nod along on the floor, though. The lights were utterly retina-buzzing perfect, really bright getting more and more dazzling like the sun and then zwooshing into swirly colours and spingle beams of light like sunbeams and spotty ones and blobs going woogle into each other. Jase stood up to play, none of his usual stool-perching malarkey.

The songs, growing loud & enormous, being: ‘Hypnotised’, ‘Run, Run, Run’, ‘Feelin’ Just Fine’ (fab spooky sounding), ‘Step Into The Breeze’, ‘Why Don’t You Smile Now?’ ‘n’ things. All beautiful. We love the ‘Lized. AND wesaw Jim & William Reid skulking at the back. Finished about 11:30 when it rained like mad, ‘an endless river to wash away all of my tears.

Wore my cosmicly cosmic green’n’yellow shirt and black jeans to go see Spiritualized again. Hurray! Douglas Hart was there tonight, steering clear of the Reidy boys. Jason was out ‘n’ about a-swiggin’ his Pils & chatting, as was his girlie, Kate (now Richard Snoozecroft’s missus), wearing a strange vest thing. Free cans of Irn Bru at the bar! Woo hoo! Saw the ex-Fury Things and that annoying faced singer out of Revolver. Went into the hall and sat down after Jason had gone and waited for them to appear. Similar set to last night with a fantastic, ‘Any Way That You Want Me’, ‘Feel so Sad’, ‘So Hot’. Fab fab.

Ended on a really maazin’ song that went really loud and crashing, filling the whole world. Lovelee colours they go spangle in my eyes. An encore of ‘Why Don’t You Smile Now?’ which was really long and went into a bit off ‘Perfect Prescription’. Cosmic! Jase had terrible slip-on shoes though. Not so cosmic fashion faux pas.
spacemen 3 Sonic Boom/Spectrum - Camden Underworld 27th September 1991

Clomp down the Underworld stairs for Sonic Boom’s dronerific band Spectrum. Support was Some Have Fins, bit Wonderstuff-ish (ie. crap) and Telescopes-ish Flamehead. Narrowly avoided getting our feet vommed on by a boy slumped on the floorboards. Not especially packed, everyone seems to be siding with Jason and Spiritualized in the great Spacemen war.

Sonic looked very skull-like, albeit a skull dripping in sweat (how does that work, then?). Hardly surprising as he was wearing two jackets. Must be a heroin thing.

They started with ‘Transparent Radiation’ one of my fave ever Spacemen songs (yes I know it’s by Red Crayola, trainspotters). Then ‘Hey Man’, what a trip down smackhead memory lane, eh? An ace newie, a hand-clappin’ ‘I’ve Got The Key’, a ‘blistering’ (!!?) ‘Revolution’. (An amusing thing: when ‘Revolution’ came out, Noel was quoting the lyrics, solemnly chanting, ‘It takes just fiiive minutes, just fiiiive minutes…’ As opposed to ‘It takes just five seconds’. Obviously, revolution is more ponderous in Noel-land.) Long pauses in between songs for general noodling about.

An encore of ‘Suicide’ went on for yearrrs. Sonic, without his teardrop geetar to play pottered around the stage hitting a cymbal now and then, whilst the slightly-delic lights revolved. His hair was very bowly indeed. Someone shouted ‘Show us yer moccasins’ (Sonic’s famed footwear) which seemed to amuse him. Lots of shouts of ‘We hate Jason’ and ‘Bring back Jason’ which went ignored.

Primal Scream - Hammersmith Palais 22nd October 1991

Primal Scream day, yay! Met the Brighton crowd at Euston and retired to a pub in Marylebone for beer and a good laugh about ‘Sounds of the 60s’. Moved on to another rather floral pub, followed by The Globe opposite Baker Street station, where a drunk man kept putting money in the juke box and letting everyone choose songs. K got changed in the loos, choosing her black top, not the silver one ‘cos she ‘felt more confident in black’. A couple more people joined our Screamers (!!) gang and we hit the tube for Hammersmith, all blethering drunkenly.

The Hammersmith Palais was rather tacky, but massive with millions of people queuing up. It were bloomin’ exciting, missus! Got in, dumped our coats and were scandalised by £2.50 for a pint of watery Carlsberg. Lots of thumpsome rave beats going down, the only stuff we knew were Happy Mondays, PIL and er, U2 mmm! K found the popstar hangout area upstairs, so we went up there along with two Slowdives, Mark Gardener of Ride fame, Duglas BMX! Douglas Hart! Annie Nightingale, the Tony bloke off ‘Motormouth’ & ‘Whats That Noise’ (luckily time has erased all memory of these programmes, not to mention ‘the Tony bloke’), Will & Ray Hypnotic, ‘Zoe’ of that ‘Sunshine On A Rainy Day’ song and Fab! Roland S. Howard who looked rather bemused.

When Primal Scream came on, and I got to the very front by the right speaker and it were so loud you could feel the bass coming out like a blast of air, my ears were ringing for days. They came on with Bobby a-leapin’ about a-clappin’ in his golden shirt & black jeans doing ‘Slip Inside This House’. Then: ‘Movin’ On Up’, ‘Don’t Fight It Feel It’, ‘I’m Losing More’ (fab!), ‘Higher Than The Sun’, ‘Damaged’, ‘Loaded’, ‘Come Together’ (ace ‘n’ long) and er, others. It was so groovy, we danced loads. Craply, two swirly naff girlies pushed in front and were stretching their arms stage-wards, hollering ‘Wooh!’ Load of Shite.

Afterwards, the ravin’ continued unabated. K & I hung out near the private liggers party sniggering at everyone desperately waving their passes to get in. Being cool dudes, we just stood there and Bobby came up to say ‘Hello’. He admired my gold lurex shirt and gave us his water to swig ‘cos we were parched. Then he went downstairs to rave with the kidz, not at the poncey private do. Amused to see a gaggle of Japanese girls following him all over, watching him dance. We went and crashed out on some handy sofas until it ended at 3am. Waiting for a nightbus we saw Colm MBV come out of the Palais resplendent in his silver trews. Then Bobby came out wearing a furry hat, followed by his girlie looking grumpy, and… the Japanese girls still following!

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