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The Telescopes - ULU February 22nd 1990

A letter from K. She’s been mega Bobbying about, eating apple pies round his house. Bobby’s got the new My Bloody Valentine single on tape. Swizz! I want it. He sent K a postcard from Barcelona. They came back early, ‘cos the tour was v. unorganised.

  Anyway, up to ULU. Hung out like cool dudes whilst the New Fast Automatic Daffodils played, puke! Saw someone from behind who looked v. Bobbylike. And it was him! He came over and said ‘Hi, are y’alright?’ and I said, ‘Aye.’ Whoops! He told me he’d got The Creation record I told him about and he thought it was fab. He wandered off and we went to the bar, but there was a massive throng there, so didn’t bother. Then saw Bobby again and he sorta nodded at me to come over, and he showed me this luvverly Elvis watch this guy’s mother had brought back from Gracelands. Apparently she went and held a candle at his grave. The guy said, ‘How can you respect your mother after that?’ and Bobby said, ‘That’s the only way to respect your mother.’ He said about having the new MBV tape and how I would like it, so I said I’d got the new Primal Scream single and how I digged it. He said, ‘Aye it’s a good mix of stuff on there don’t you think?’ So I asked him when they were in New York, ‘cos ‘Ramblin’ Rose’ was recorded there and he said, ‘Oh at the end of last year.’ Blethered on about New York a bit.

Waited for The Kitchens Of Pissdinction to bog off, though they didn’t sound too bad. Then The Telescopes were on, but there were loads of gits in the audience, loads of goffos and stagedivin’ and moshin’. The Tels were the least good I’ve seen them. Not at all loud, though Stephen Laurie’s voice was too loud above the geetarness. And the house lights suddenly came on and Stephen looked v. bemused. They did ‘To Kill A Slow Girl Walking’ which was pretty good. Then some git spat at them and Stephen got v. annoyed and said they weren’t playing anymore until the culprit got up onstage, but no one did. So they did ‘Treasure’ with Mr cool dude bass player on ‘backing hem hem vocals’ and it didn’t sound too hot. And then that was that. Huh!

Squished out and I said goodbye to Bobby, and he asked if I wanted ‘a massive Scream poster’ with the ‘Ivy’ cover on, obviously I did. He asked if I also wanted some single cover thing that folds out or something, so I said yes, even though I didn’t know what he meant.


Loop - Town & Country Club March 4th 1990

Went to the Camden Vinyl Solution in the morning, but couldn’t find Sonic Boom‘s lp, swizz. Walked through Kentish Town, past the T&C, scene of tonight’s excitements. Came home and washed hair to perfect bob ready for shaking. Back out at 8pm to T&C where there were loads of touts at the tube station and all along the road, I guess it must have sold out. Place was packed inside, came in halfway through World Domination Enterprise’s ‘set’ so we missed Godspeed, thankfully. (NB. Not Godspeed You Black Emperor! Obviously).

Saw Gary there sporting a Birdland t-shirt and (suppressed snigger) bleached back-combed hair, ha ha! Had a pint of Guinness and bought a fab Loop t-shirt with the Man Ray eye thingy logo in orange. And I got two ‘free’ badges (£7 t-shirt!) Worra barg (??) Went up on the stairs to peruse everyone, but didn’t see Kevin Sheilds, swizzeroo!
Anyway, they (ie Loop) came on with the big eye thingy in rather too many vibrant colours as a backdrop and loads of fab lights etc. Did ‘Sunburst’ which was far out and gone. I had a real fab groove and we all shook our barnets like billyo. They played most stuff from ‘A Guilded Eternity’ and ‘Fade Out’. Set was about an hour and a half. The encore was…’Burning World’ aahhhh! ACE! Sooo dreamy, acid, dead wig out baby. Then another encore of ‘Thief of Fire’ totally groovesome and loud, but not hurting leave-your-ears-deaf-and-fuzzed loud. I wasn’t a bit deaf. And no ringing either – strange!

My Bloody Valentine ULU May 1st & May 2nd 1990 (‘We’re doing these shows at ULU - two nights - and what I’d like is trays of amyl nitrate on the front of the stage and electric fans blowing it into the audience.'’- Colm O Ciosiog)

Had to queue for a bit, God were on when we got in. Pretty cool with slides in the background and noisy-woisy. Watched them go on and on and on and off. Saw a person with Kev-like hair in front of me, but he looked too fat, so I went and stood nearer and Lo! It was Kev in a black t-shirt over a red one. Groove!

my bloody valentine 1   Found Roz with a load of crap lads with short hair, then Sonic Boom came on, or at least I heard his drone, so I went to see him and he wasn’t there, just his noise. Then he appeared with a crony on harmonica and a keyboard on a silly table he had to bend over. His voice was ace though. He did ‘Pretty Baby’, ‘The World Is Dying’, ‘Help Me Please’. The beginning of ‘If I Should Die’ came on but he left and it faded out. Boo.   my bloody valentine 2
Bit of a sweaty wait, a tape of ‘Glider’ came on and then there were MBV. Rah rah! Bilinda had a v. strange pink and white flarey garment on. Colm had a tea-towel to wipe his sweaty face with. There were loads of crap stage divers, one hit Kev’s mic stand and it bashed him in the mouth which was v. sad indeed. And his nose was running. The squiff bit on ‘You Made Me Realise’ was real long, could see Sonic Boom in the wings really grooving with a massive spliff. At the end, Kev said ‘Thanks for coming, goodnight’ and after the encore, ‘Sorry about the lights, they broke.’ Woo.

They played:

  • ‘Emptiness Inside’
  • ‘Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside)
  • new thing
  • ‘Sueisfine’
  • ‘Cigarette in Your Bed’
  • ‘Nothing Much To Lose’


  • ‘Cupid Come’
  • new thing
  • ‘When You Wake (You’re Still In A Dream)’
  • ‘Slow’
  • ‘Soon’
  • ‘You Made Me Realise’ (encore)

Got home v. sweaty about 1am.

Wore black velvet skirt, black t-shirt and definitely no jacket after last nights complete melt-down. Back to ULU again, Swervedriver were the support. Kev was standing in the doorway, yeah! Saw Debbie sitting with a pal and then Bilinda with her buddies, wearing a dark green hippy garment. Kev had exactly the same as last night on, pooh! Had a Newky Brown and sat on the stairs, saw Bobby Gillespie come in with a haircut and Mikki from Lush who is v. small.

my bloody valentine 3
MBV played the same set, but it was still soo ace. The light things with squiggles were working tonight, with wavey patterns for ‘Cig. In Your Bed’. I think it was even hotter, but then I was wearing two t-shirts as I bought an MBV ‘Glider’ one. Someone got onstage and kissed Bilinda, who smiled, but Kev didn’t. Maybe ‘cos no one kissed him. Didn’t see Colm’s tea-towel tonight. That was the only reason I went, too! The squoogle bit in the middle of ‘You Made Me Realise’ went on for 4 million years, no exaggeration. Colm must be so ace to keep on going bish bosh on his cymbals all through, though he looked quite pained. At the end, Kev said, ‘Thanks for coming, goodnight’ again, what a star!

Kitten’s Groovy Dudes 1990

  1. Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine)
  2. Jim Reid (Jesus & Mary Chain)
  3. Robert (Loop)
  4. Bobby Gillespie
  5. Jon Spencer (Pussy Galore)
  6. Kurt Ralske (Ultra Vivid Scene)
  7. Paul Court (Primitives)
  8. Paul McGann (Withnail & I)
  9. Colm O’Ciosoig (MBV)
  10. Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3)
  11. William Reid (JAMC)
  12. Jason Pierce (Spacemen 3)
  kevin shields
Galaxie 500 / Teenage Fanclub Subterrania, June 27 1990

Went to Rough Trade to get Buffalo Tom tickets, only the headline name on them is The Lemonheads and the Tom are ‘special guests’, what?? Bought a weird ‘n’ clear vinyl Lee Renaldo waxing and had a butterscotch ice-cream sitting on a wall as I contemplated this turn of events.

Headed down to Ladbroke Grove to Subterrania and sat on the floor drinking Guinness. Then Trev appeared, so stood up with him and Lo! who should say ‘Hello’ but Bobby, with a brand new haircut, sort of Yardbirdsy. Wearing white jeans and a new-looking black top, so obviously some cash has been made on ‘Loaded’!

Anyway, Teenage Fanclub were not drunk!! And were v. ‘together’ doing some newies and always fab ‘Everything Flows’. I got a tee shirt with ‘A Catholic Education’ picture on. Then, after hearing ‘Step On’ with a highly booooming bass, Galaxie 500 were on with newstuff and ‘Decomposing Trees’, ‘Snowstorm’, ‘Flowers’, ‘When Will You Come Home’. Dean singerman had had a haircut and his voice was far out and beautiful baby. Naomi had fantastic multicoloured 60sesque perspex flower earrings and a sparkle silver skirt on. Encores were a coversfest of ‘Ceremony’ and ‘Don’t Let Our Youth Go to Waste’ with Kramer on geetar. Utter splendiferousness, even if Trev did fall asleep standing up.
Teenage Fanclub / Gumball / Duglas BMX ULU, November 23 1990

Got to ULU, met Roz, got a Newccy Brown and lo! Duglas of BMX Bandits fame came on with Norman TFC on guitar and Brendan TFC doing handclaps. Duglas sung some lovelee songs and had a plastic skull necklace on over his poloneck. As he tripped offstage, Gumball swooshed into a rockin’ loud ditty and were most hilarious as ever, even more so when the mosh-kids began stage-diving and there wasn’t enough crowd to hold them up so they went sperlattt! on the floor. One in particular landed just in front of us and you could really hear the thud of body on floorboard above the music. After Norman and Brendan had joined Gumball for a noisome, rousing ending, we got another Newccy and then Duglas returned with a backing tape. A girlie asked if she could get onstage and dance and he said, '‘Oh yes, audience participation is definitely to be encouraged’, so she danced beside him. When someone shouted for ‘The Day Before Tomorrow’, Duglas replied, ‘Oh you’ll like this one even better than that!’ Bless.

Grooved on down the front for Teenage Fanclub and Roz got to stage-diving. During ‘Everything Flows’ she initiated a mass stage invasion which was highly entertaining. Norman announced it was Gerry’s birthday and a cake and bottle of champagne were brought onstage. The bottle got passed around the crowd for communal swigging. Loads of songs and two lots of encores, the last one of which was a rampaging version of ‘The Ballad of John & Yoko’ with Gumball joining in.
Norman got pulled into the audience and held aloft (kind of) and then dragged back onstage by a bouncer whilst everyone stormed the stage again. Hoho what larks!
Teenage Fanclub / The Pastels / BMX Bandits New Cross Venue 21st December 1990

Travelled four thousand miles south of the river to The Venue, and right at the very front of a very long queue found Trev, ‘cos he’d been there since 6pm. Had to climb 100000000 stairs up to the bar and saw The Pastels scoffing food in a side room. Went all the way down again (as Cool Paul Court would say, where is he now?) for the BMX Bandits who were acely fab, especially as Eugene Kelly (ex of The Vaselines and their honk-tastic ‘Molly’s Lips’ single etc) played geetar with them. AND they did ‘E102’ after which Duglas said, ‘That was rather fast, I hope you don’t think we’re punk rockers because we are actually New Romantics.’ He had his Sindy doll (or possibly Barbie) with him and when he took his top off said, ‘I hope the Red Cross are in tonight for all the girls who’ve just fainted. And the boys who’ve fainted with jealousy.’

The Pastels came on and Aggi was playing bass. Did an acoustic version of ‘Comin’ Through’ and a fab rockin’ version of ‘Truck, Train, Tractor’. Wandered about and found K & M with their friends The Ammonites from Leicester. Trev bought several zillion fanzines and then ‘twas Teenage Fanclub hip hooray! Grooved to the fab songs. They threw pressies into the audience and got some punters up to sing ‘God Knows It’s True’ karaoke-style. Robert Loop came on and sung the encore of ‘Like A Hurricaine’ and stage-dived off at the end, burning a girlie with his cig. How extraordinarily rock! Bobby and Andrew Scream trundled on and rocked heavily to ‘Get Back’. What a veritable Scot-rock fest. Trundled back across the river feeling splendidly Christmassed up.

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