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The House Of Love - UEA March 3rd 1989

Went dahn ver tahnn and woo! In Andy’s I find the new Spacemen 3 longplaying vinyl waxing, ‘Playing With Fire’. So I ran out the shop! And came back with a ten pound note ‘hot’ from the vaults of Lloyds and bought this fab record. Zoomed home to find Melody Maker with an interview with those very same aforementioned Spacemen. So I plonked the reccy on the turntable and grooved out with Sonic and his junkie chums. The best in my highly sought after opinion are ‘Honey’ and ‘Suicide’, two words that go together oh so well, I think.

After this musical refreshment, I hit the UEA about 8. A dude announced that The Wolfhounds had broken down and couldn’t make it for the support, so The Hooses were a comin’ on at 9. Saw Kaye and Nick who had all his H of L records with him to be signed! Mad. Saw Noel who said Alan McGee was there, supposedly, he is their manager, so makes sense.

Then! The lights were ’dimmed’ and we took our places on the crunch floor and Lo! The House of Love appeared before us. They played some ditty whilst the FAB guitar dude, Terry Bickers, got sorted out. When he finally came in it was amazing, really spingly. He was the acest all thru the gig ‘cos he is a fab guitarist and whirls about in a cool way. The bass player looked incredibly cool and INCREDIBLY THIN. They played their new spingle ‘Never’ and were about to launch into ‘Happy’ when guitar man’s guitar wouldn’t work or something. Whilst he was sorted, Guy Chadwick said ‘Does anyone know any jokes?’ and then did a quick solo rendition of ‘Loneliness is a Gun’ and said ‘Good that, wasn’t it?’ and apologised profusely for the delay. ‘Happy’ began and we all grooved on down, I was joined by Kaye, so we wigged out baby together. ‘Salome’ was fantastic, ‘Shine On’ was sooo cosmic, and they finished the set with ‘Destroy The Heart’ which was fab and wild.

They came back for a much awaited encore of ‘Christine’, but it was a bit disappointing – not intense and Oh Wow Man! enough. Then back again for more encores, Guy Chads said ‘This one’s about an old banger’ ie it was ‘Love In A Car’. There was ‘Man to Child’, ‘Blind’ and ‘Nothing to Me’. It was a rilly beautiful experience and I’d see it all again. Tho not quite as beautiful as an MBVGiggie!! Far Out. Cosmic Cat says: ’Well that was ginchy for sure!’

Pixies - UEA April 21st 1989

Pixies Day! Bussed into Norwich, went in Backs and found The Carousel and The Driscolls. Then found The Groove Farm ‘Hate Us & We’ll Love You To Death’ 12”, tho they are past their best now I think, sob! Then! I found ‘Mother Sleep’ 12”, so I got the Groovies and 14 Iceys. Also saw The Telescopes 7” on the wall, but I didn’t get it, maybe should’ve. Anyhow, I got my purchases in a Pixies placcy bag! Then I ran along to HMV & bought 2 Pixies tickets at the unsnippy price of £5 each, erk! Bussed home and listened to ‘Doolittle’ in anticipation. It is a F.A.B. record indeed.

At 7 Mary picked me up and we trundled off UEA-wards. There was someone singing ‘Broken Face’ in the carpark, all v. exciting, felt like a big event. Had some beerrrr and The Wolfgang Press came on and were okay, but it all sounded the same. The last song with groovy strobes was good tho. Then, who should Mary spot, but Alison and on and on! She was meant to go back to Manky yesterday, but stayed to see Pixies (so coool!) She said something unfathomable about her playing geetar with Inspiral Carpets at the Arts Centre t’other week, ‘cos Tom, the IC’s singer lives opposite her or summat!?????

Anyhow, Pixies were FANTASTIC and groovy and ginchy and wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was disappointed when they finished. I wanted MORE, it seemed too quick, tho they played loads, ‘Debaser’, ‘I Bleed’, ‘Wave Of Mutilation’ twice, once as the final encore. ‘Vamos’ was more fab than it ever was on record, ‘Crackity Jones’, ‘Dead’, ‘Tame’, ‘Gigiantic’ (yeah!), ‘Hey’, ‘Monkey Gone To Heaven’, ‘Broken Face’, ‘Bone Machine’. The first encore was ‘Where Is My Mind?’ and everyone tried to do the ‘ooh ooh’ bits at the beginning. ‘Tony’s Theme’ was fab and we all went ‘Toe-Nee, Toe-Nee!’ ‘No. 13 Baby’, ‘Break My Body’ and about 3 I didn’t know. About 20 songs I guess. I had a really good groove on down without having to mosh too much, just having a fab time a-singin’ along and boogieing on down like mad. Black Francis didn’t look as fat as I’d expected! He needed a haircut tho. And everyone’s geetar strap kept breaking and Kim was grinning wide!

Birdland - Norwich Arts Centre 20th June 1989

Met Noel at the A.C. sitting on the balcony with his cool dude coke (ssniiff!). We had ‘yummy’ (ahem) Tetleys. It were dead hot in there. Saw Pete Tweedy ex-Primitives selling the tee-shirts so I bought one off him for a fiver. Asked about the band he’s supposedly in with Steve Prim, but he isn’t ‘cos he’s living in London, not Coventry. So he said, ‘Oh, do you know who I am then?’ He looks krap now, ‘cos his hair is all short.

So Birdland came on and did ‘Paradise’, but on the second song Lee’s guitar went squiffy. He got in a mood and threw it on the floor, stomping off, so Robert singer did too. Syd threw his bass down and bogged off, followed by Kyle who splidged (??) his snare drum. All the crappy dudes in the audience booed, the swizzlers! An Arts Centre bloke came on and said there’d be a fifteen minute ‘delay’ whilst equipment got mended.

Birdland came back on and did all the ‘Hollow Heart’ e.p. ‘See No Evil’ and a Patti Smith thingy. They were wiulld bobheads from the planet Lucozade. Yeah! Robert G-a-s-p! SPRAYED his can of drink everywhere. They were all biffing the mosh chaps at the front and Lee totally twashed his guitar, smashing it over one of the monitors. Cool. Wock an’ Woll kids!
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