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There Is Nothing Better in Life Than… (March 1987)

  • Fanzines
  • Laughing
  • Hilltops
  • Gigs
  • Fringes
  • Playing Guitar
  • Indie bands
  • Warm Nights
  • Open top cars
  • Sleeping
  • Bitter
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Record Shops
  • Morrissey’s lyrics
  • Feedback
  • Black Clothes
There Is Nothing Worse In Life Than… (March 1987)
  • Meat
  • Spring
  • Perms
  • Sport
  • Teak
  • Stilettos
  • Lager
  • Walkman running down
  • Chart ‘music’
  • Loud people
  • Pastel colours
  • Game shows
  • ‘news’papers
  • Tickets selling out
  • Sun & Rain together
  • Blue eye-shadow
  • Freddie Mercury
  • 12" records
  • Cold, damp days
  • Highlighted hair

Primal Scream. ULU June 26th 1987

Went to school. K didn’t. Had double art and biology. Zoomed out and went to pick up K. Shoved Steve Mack on the tape deck and hit the road for London. Got to Auntie Joyce’s at 5pm.

After K had donned her non-baggy knee-ed leggings we hit town.

Strolled casually to ULU where there were some types queuing, so we queued and paid our £4.50 for a ticket and a stamp on the wrist. I was given a piece of paper advertising ‘Gentle Tuesday’ for Yes! Excitement ahoy we were at the Primal Scream gig. So we went up all these steps and found the bar. While K got the drinks (half a bitter, half a lager =73p a snip!) I perused my fellow gig goers and was very interested to see loads of bobs and long fringes and Pastels badges. Shamblers ahoy! And Razorcuts badges and Shop Assistants badges and a Soup Dragons badge like mine. After being cheered by the fact that there were no Goths around, just sha la shamblers and general popkids etc, we went into the room where the stage was. It was smaller than UEA but more people.

Crammed ourselves up to the stage, only we couldn’t lean against it as there were a load of Japanese girls hogging the prime position and having a tea party, ie. scoffing crisps and biccies. Anyway, then ta daa! Phil Wilson appeared and was ace. He started with ‘This Town’, the old June Brides ditty, then ‘£4£’, ‘Even Now’, ‘Waiting For A Change’, ‘Small Town’, ‘Joy Will Find Us Out’, ‘Ten Miles’, ‘In The Rain’ and a few I don’t know. He was really nice & friendly & chatty & stuck his thumb up at the drummer.

Then, after a wait listening to the Weather Prophets LP blasting out, Loop came on. They were v. Velvet Underground-ish. Just solid feedback, flapsome hair and a stand-up drummer. I was impressed by their cosmic psychedelic light show a-swooshing on the wall. I also thought the drummer was quite cool. He had a stripy polo-neck, pointy boots and was standing up like Bobby used to in the Mary Chain. His hair was just like Pete Primitive, all long and you could only see his mouth and chin. Anyway, they left in a scream of feedback that continued after they’d gone. loop's drummer
Then the long, long wait while Primal Scream’s stuff was sound-checked and everyone crammed up to the stage. ‘April Skies’ blared out, then ‘Purple Haze’. How much longer? Then, James Beattie, he of lead guitar appeared followed by the rest of the band and Martin St John the tambourine player, which impressed me, having someone exclusively playing tambourine. (obviously pre-Bez) Good one. And Hurray! Bobby Gillespie himself, the living legend! Togged up in black and white spotty shirt, black jeans, chelsea boots and of course, fringe. It was sooo groovy despite no room to dance. They did ‘Silent Spring’, ‘GentleTuesday’, ‘Tomorrow Ends Today’ and ‘Imperial’ which was fantastic, starting off with feedback. A few songs I didn’t know. Bobby was brilliant, sort of dancing with his arms outstretched, closing his eyes and crouching down during instrumental bits and swigging from a can of either Red Stripe or Bud. Couldn’t understand a word when he mumbled in between songs, but it was fab!
Not sure what they ended on, but they came back for an encore of ‘Imperial’ which ended with Bobby running off shaking his head, dunno why. All we were left with was the endless scream of their final feedback which a roadie finally switched off and sob! it was all over. They only played for about 35 mins, but it was completely worth it, just excellent. I mean, Primal Scream one of my very faves apart from JAMC.
primal scream
Kitten’s Top Ten June 1987 
  1. Gentle Tuesday - Primal Scream
  2. Laughing Up My Sleeve - The Primitives
  3. We’re So Beautiful - My Bloody Valentine
  4. Toy - The Heartthrobs
  5. April Skies - The Jesus and Mary Chain
  6. Splashing Along - Jesse Garon & the Desperadoes
  7. Secret Goldfish - Baby Lemonade
  8. Can’t Take No More - Soup Dragons
  9. Dance Your Ass Off – That Petrol Emotion
  10. Love Missile F1-11 – Pop Will Eat Itself
my bloody valentine

The Bodines Norwich Arts Centre July 11th 1987

Got to the arts centre at 8pm and paid our £2.50 and strolled casually into the bar and who should be sitting there, but… The Bodines! I recognised Michael Ryan (singer) immediately ‘cos of his big fringe which he was running his hands through.

So we ordered the usual (half a bitter, half a lager) and stood there talking and being generally cool.

bodines at the bar

Then, Paul Brotherton, the ‘Bod’s’ guitarist says to me,‘Urgh, you don’t like The Mighty Lemon Drops do you?’ on seeing our fab gear badges. So I says, ‘Of course, whats wrong with the MLDs then?’ and he says, ‘Well, they’re Brummies. They’re terrible aren’t they?’ and Michael Ryan goes, ‘Yeah’ in a bored sort of way. WOW! They hung about beating each other up and M.R. sat there with a football for a bit and then they went outside.

Decided it was time for another drink so I had a Pils this time (90p) and we sat on the steps in the stage room. Justin and Dale turned up so we discussed the Primal Scream gig K and I went to and J said, ‘I went to see Zodiac (Mindwarp) a few weeks ago!’ Haw Haw! (un) groovy!

Anyway, then there were these stupid can-can dancers on, then Milk who were quite janglesome and like the June Brides without the brass (trumpets, not money, ha ha). Then some old crap and boring R’n’B ‘band’ who droned on for three million years so we sat on this equipment trunk next to the curtain The Bodines were hiding behind, except they kept coming out for drinks etc.

Finally, at about 11pm The Bodines were on and v. ace and janglesome and we boogied on down like mad with about six others. Played ‘I Fell’, ‘What You Want’, William Shatner’ (v.good that one), ‘Heard It All’, ‘Skankin’ Queens’, ‘Untitled’, ‘Clear’ etc etc. Then Mick said ‘This is our last one’, so some clever pop lad in the audience went, ‘Therese’. So Michael replied, ‘Umm, I dorn’t knoorr’ in a right Coronation Street accent. Of course it was ‘Therese’. They went off and we waited for more, but the dickhead at the back put the lights and music on. The Bodines came out again and Michael said, ‘I was just waiting for the applause to build, there’s no need to turn the lights on!’ Ha ha.

bodines on stage Two fabby groover encores and it was all over. Being an enterprising young lass, I leapt onstage and took two setlists, so K and I can treasure them forever.

Fourteen Iced Bears. Norwich Arts Centre December 2nd 1987

Donned my psychedelic shirt and black skirt and waited for K. At 8pm went into the Arts Centre and Mike was on the door so we only had to pay £2 and we got a badge with a crayoned Goldfish on. Next time, Jan. 13th, its Friends of the Family and Sea Urchins. Yeeey! Mike had a tin like a car with smarties in which he went about eating. Twee! Noel appeared from the train from Yarmouth. His bowlhead haircut is pretty long and Bobby Gillespie-ish now. He had this Bobby type wide belt with a big buckle he was v. proud of. Had to get his belt loops lengthened to fit. Mike got a letter from Darren Groovefarm the other day. Mega bobhead!

This cruddy old goth/thrash band that had been double booked had to play, called the New York Scumhaters. Nice. We didn’t watch them preferring to discuss groovescent issues instead. Mike had a groovy tape on in between bands, and when ‘You Trip Me Up’ came on, Noel told us all about how it ‘changed his life’ when it was on ‘Whistle Test’. How Many Beans Make Five? were on and were v. jangley ‘n’ tunesome. What janglesome fun. Then 14 Iced Bears, but alas! Rob’s geetar was on the blink and v. frustrating and fuzzsome, but in the end they got going with ‘Spangle’. We boogied on down to an unknown song and then ‘Inside’, ‘Balloon Song’, ‘Like A Dolphin’, ‘Happy’ something or other and then they went off.

Conrad told them to do some more, so Rob, who was in a birrova mood said, ‘Tell that lot (ie. the cool dudes who were just standing there) to clap then’. Anyway they played something and Rob’s string broke and then he played the geetar with a glass with lager in it. Rock and Roll!! They did a mega cool groovy feedback mad song last and ‘cos the stage is so small and Rob had to crouch down for the feedback, the bass player got off stage and played standing next to us. The guitarist was very highly sweet with a long fringe sitting hunched on a chair strumming like mad. Sue keyboards was just running her hands up and down over all the keys. Reminded me of the Pastels. That was the end so we said our goodbyes. Couldn’t fall asleep for years, though the average human supposedly takes 7 minutes to nod off. Don’t believe that.

Kitten’s Happenings of 1987

  • Going to xillions of gigs 
  • Speaking to the Bodines
  • Seeing Primal Scream at ULU
  • JAMC taking the world by storm (??)
  • Fanzines, especially ‘So Naive’
  • Collecting set lists
  • Getting autographs at That Petrol Emotion gig
  • Goldfish Club being set up
  • Boogieing at the Soups gig
  • Bobby Gillespie’s hair
  • The Primitives on ‘Wogan’
  • Getting drum sticks for Christmas
bobby gillespie
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