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The Mission - 31st October 1986 UEA

Woo Halloween! Got the bus to Norwich with K & N and heard the gossip about K’s neighbours (Mrs Riches got blown off her bike on the roundabout the other day). Found ‘Record Mirror’ and it had The Soup Dragons in - rah rah rah! Also a bit about Shamblers, yeah! Got the BMX Bandits (hooray) 12” ‘Sad/E102’ which is brill and ace, especially the bit ‘I wear my new anorak and so I look quite smart.’ Saw a Boris Becker lookalike going into a sports shop. N was highly embarrassing by practically disappearing into a rack of leggings in Snob. Had a hot chocolate in Woolies, before remembering it nauseates me, then marvelled at the picture of Jim and William Reid in the Smash Hits Yearbook.

To the UEA with K to see The Moshon, there were zillions of goths everywhere, including K’s ‘first cousin, once removed’ Richard who plays in The War Party. Had to wait aages for doors to open, got drinks, got a programme (£1) and a badge (40p) and then the support came on. T’was The Rose Of Avalance whose stuff I’ve got a bit of. They did ‘Too Many Castles In The Sky’ and ‘Velveteen’ amongst others. There were these great big pumpkins on all the amps and stuff, so every time the singer (Phillip Morris) introduced a song he went, ‘This is called Pumpkin’ or ‘This is Rise To The Pumpkin’. Haw Haw worra bluddy larf. Anyways, they were far out, especially the bass player (Nicole McKay).

After having ‘Jean Genie’ and sundry other Bowie stuff blasted at us and some drippy building society person rabbiting on (wha?) whilst the roadies were doing their stuff, the floor got really packed. Apocalyptic orchestra music came on and just as it got to the fanfarey bit, The Mish were on! Went booming into ‘Wasteland’ and everyone freaked out and really thumped about. Then did ‘Garden of Delight’ followed by something unknown during which everyone was more subdued and after which Wayne Hussey said, ‘Ha! You didn’t know that one did you?’ Some fool tipped beer all over my shoulder and down my neck, but I was sweating so much it was quite refreshing. Did ‘Serpent’s Kiss’ and everyone really wigged out to it. Before ‘Blood Brother’ Wayne said ‘A lot of people think this is about Ian Astbury…but it’s more about you lot.’ (loud cheers). I think it was at the beginning of this that he chucked out 3 red roses, ‘cos it goes ‘I gave you flowers and you gave me faith.’ Then there was ‘Stay With Me’, really lovely and cosmic.

During one mad song someone fell over and knocked the bloke in front onto me and I fell over onto the steps, but I was shoved up again in the end. It was like a load of dominoes. The last song was ‘1969’, then for the encore it was something that faded into ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ really psychedelic, one of my faves. Then the final encore was my fave of all ‘Shelter From The Storm’ really long with mad lighting and Wayne hanging onto the bass player (Craig Adams) at the end. I must say it was all completely cosmic and far out and brill etc etc.
Kitten’s Faves of the Year 1986
LP: ‘Giant’ – The Woodentops
Single: ‘Some Candy Talking’ – Jesus & Mary Chain / ‘Crystal Crescent’ – Primal Scream
Film: ‘Aliens’ / ‘Pretty In Pink’
Laddie: Jim Reid
Bevvy: Half of Bitter
Slogan: ‘Earful Of Toffee’ (actually ‘Aim for the top’ misheard from aforementioned Woodentops LP) / ‘The Queen is Dead’
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