time bombs
The Jesus and Mary Chain – 8th July 1998, Royal Festival Hall

The whole shebang didn’t start until 10pm – to let the footie play itself out on a big screen downstairs (according to John Peel’s wishes, I guess). Finally, JAMC came on about 1am, in their natty suits – darn cool, William’s hair a lot smaller. Mostly ‘Munki’ stuff was played, plus ‘Head On’ (yay!). Linda Reid came out and sung ‘Mo Tucker’. William was left alone with the drummer (Nick Sanderson of Earl Brutus) to do his solo single ‘Commercial’ which he did after much drunken meandering, ‘discussions’ with the crowd and microphone fiddling. In the end the song kind of petered out and the Mary Chain returned (Jim probably exasperated) along with Bobby Gillespie looking louche in a jacket. They proceeded to do ‘Sometimes Always’ (Bobby being Hope Sandoval), then ended on a squiffy version of ‘Reverence’. Bobby chipped in with the vocal lead, but kept sort of forgetting the words a bit, doh! Plus the Kevin of Shields twangling away on guitar! Most entertaining. So then they all trooped off leaving William to rant and rave at the crowd in pure Rab C. Nesbitt mode about being ‘a fucking star’ and Melody Maker being stupid fuckers etc etc until his sister came to lead him away. Argh!

Set List: Degenerate / Cracking Up / Mo Tucker / Stardust Remedy / Head On / I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll / Virtually Unreal / I Hate Rock ‘n’ Roll / Commercial ‘ Sometimes Always / Reverence
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