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Wintergreen – Clockwork Mice (Tbilissi)

Wintergreen are an intriguing proposition, they recognise that there’s a time for cute ‘n’ twinkly pop tunes, a time for thought-provoking, computer poking soundscapes and a time for ferocious string-scuffing noise. They also recognise that those times can often occur simultaneously and so do their best to combine them in lovingly crafted packages of sound that’ll set your heart aglow.

‘Clockwork Mice’ will have you swaying delightedly to its looping, tootling synth as it tumbles charmingly round your ears like fuzzy ringlets. It buzzes pleasingly, creating the sensation that the whole room’s filling with static as fingers squeak on chiming guitar strings and a singsong chorus curls up in your lap.

‘Autumn Leaves’ on the other hand is secretly miming in front of the bedroom mirror to Mogwai. Dark-eyed girl/boy vocals and creeping guitar shuffle up against tarnished brass parpings. You’re lulled into the autumnalness of it all, brown sound and dripping boughs. Then someone opens the door and a cool blast of booming, trembling noise blows in whipping everything round in a vortex of gap-toothed mariachi players, ill-tuned-radio squeals on the theremin and seesawing stringy sounds. An unexpected explosion of delight to ease your aches and pains.

R.R.R.G: Premonitory horticultural fragility

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