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The Waxworks Waltz - Death Ray

This cd came with a piece of paper featuring pictures of the band taken by putting their faces on a photocopier, but with scary drawn-on eyes, I don’t like looking at it really. The first track is called ‘Dolls Eyes & Marbles’ (brrr – dolls eyes!). It features a weird woobling noise throughout and creeps and crawls along, slithering closer as you look on horrified. This is a great thing for a song to do.

‘Live-in’ has echoey, reverberating ‘vocals’ that sound like the poor man is being eviscerated. The scary eyed piece of paper informs me that the band have ‘an obsession with acquiring odd instruments from car boot sales and flea markets’. It sounds like they’ve acquired a few instruments that are housing dead things.

‘To Be A Stillborn’ (oh God) is the most conventional song here. Beginning with a gentle plinking piano, it’s strummy and shimmery with strained, doleful vocals, gradually building up into an achy squall of guitar before tiptoeing out of the room again.
The Waxworks Waltz – who are these people? Where did they go to school? What are they doing to my ears?

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