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The Violets – Mirror Mirror (Angular Recording Corporation)

The first single proper from The Violets arrives lovingly wrapped in tissue paper, perfectly formed and glinting fiercely. If you've recently witnessed the steely splendour of a Violets gig, you might just be wondering whether the band can be as arresting in audio only.Well get your ears flapping dumbo....

‘Mirror Mirror’ has the sort of chorus that makes your stomach do that flip of joyful recognition when you’re squashed in a fuggy crowd, waiting for a band to play. It’s those few minutes when the world slides sideways, the tedium lapses and everything goes fearsomely clear headed. Alexis’ freezer burn voice demands you attend, as the lyrics flicker with brittle fragility and jumpy paranoia. High tensile guitar and the rush and push of a bolshy tune make for urgent, synapse snapping pop.

‘Hiero’ Must…resist… Siouxsie comparisons…argh…I can’t. It’s the gulpy viciousness and cold-eyed intonation. Manages to be simultaneously rawly scratchy and creepily booming. The 13 year-old Kitten loved Siouxsie and the Banshees. A ‘slightly older’ Kitten loves The Violets – go figure.

‘Hard Hammer’ crawls sinisterly then scrabbles icily, turning nastily melodic. Like a frenzied, hiccuping (or is it hiccoughing?) stiletto attack.

R.R.R.G: Slotted Reckless Wrongfulness

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