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Sarabeth Tucek – Something For You (Sonic Cathedral Recordings)

Brian Jonestown Massacre acolytes will recognise both Sarabeth Tucek and this song as being bound up within the ever-expanding mythology of Anton Newcombe and chums. ‘Something For You’ appeared as ‘Seer’ on recent BJM mini LP ‘We Are The Radio’ sung by Tuceck surrounded by shivering bells and a warping undertow, and sounding like a smoky vision curling out of the desert.

This solo version, on limited edition white vinyl (slaver!), is delicate and bruised-sounding with minimal instrumentation - a gently strummed guitar, the quiet hum of pressed down keys. Tucek’s bell-like voice weaves a contemplative spell with a simple tune and sounds unutterably pure. The sound of heartbreak washed clean by raindrops and teardrops.

Over on the AA-side Rupert Clervaux and Tim Holmes’ ‘Contino’ mix adds softly snaking drone, echoing tabla style drumbeats, susurrating cymbals and quivering guitar to conjure the moment when ‘Venus In Furs’ met hushed Eastern mysticism. A shamanistic lullaby for the soul.

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