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The Tamborines – Sally O’Gannon/Be Around (Sonic Cathedral Recordings)

Ooh yummy, my favourite bobheads with wild attitudes The Tamborines have a new single out, and it’s a fearsomely perfect distillation of all that is great about buzzing garage rock and fizzing dronepop. What’s more, its on yellow vinyl – courtesy of the mighty Sonic Cathedral, a drone-struck stargazer's clubnight which one day stretched woozily, scratched its nose and decided to branch out and become ‘the label that celebrates itself’.

‘Sally O’Gannon’ sounds HUGE, beginning with a snarling one chord hum and a monstrous beat that draws you into The Tamborines’ monochrome kaleidoscope world with a heart-hammering rush. Trapped between refracting walls of fuzz guitar, regal keyboards that fire raygun sparks, and harmonies that drip just like honey, there’s nothing to do but surrender to the wheeling tune as it dips and yaws its way around and about, ensnaring you good and proper. Cross your fingers and pray that there’s no way out.

Over on the AA side, ‘Be Around’ glints and twirls, catching the light like an ‘I’ll Me Your Mirror’ for tousled sweethearts. The Tamborines take the Sonic Flower Groove lustre of early Primal Scream jangle pop, wrap it in opalescent layers of sleepy eyed psychedelia and tie it all up with twelve strings that peal out promises and languorous longings. The sound of bleached out dreaminess and lovesick, sunstruck, Super 8 stumblings.

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