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Perfect Blue – The Sunshine E.P. (Lona Records)

Related to those psychedelic explorers at Northern Star records, Perfect Blue tread an elegantly drawn line between quivering dreampop and floating-on-the-ceiling ambient. The four tracks here blend into one another, a miasma of sound that stretches and spirals, taking its time, building into total immersion trip music. The subtle shifting and shading of musical mood is suggestive of and complementary to a spot of journeying into the mind’s eye, whiting out in a thousand yard stare space.

Track one, 'Sunshine' and the thump of blood pumping in your ears pulses a beat across a delicate, trickling almost-melody, like a gentle come-down cousin to My Bloody Valentine’s ‘All I Need’. Then the heartbeat drifts away to leave an eerie, soothing soundscape of hovering, humming bliss which waxes and warps its way across the grooves (or whatever CDs have), allowing you to meander and drift, lapped by sound. The E.P.’s fourth track, ‘The Destruction of Time’ (there’s nothing like tackling the big issues eh?) brings things to a sinister, ticking end. A bell tolls in a ‘seeing your own funeral’ way, a chill wind blows and suggestions of Loop’s ‘Shot Like A Diamond’ swaddled in cotton-wool and Valium creep in unbidden. A twenty-four minute technicolour dream.

R.R.R.G: Existential honey bamboo

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