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Nutronstars– Melody Rules Everything (Handclaps & Fuzz)

Hmm…Handclaps and fuzz. Sounds like the perfect pop recipe if you ask me and luckily Nutronstars live up to their record’s titular promise. This collection of seven songs is hookier than a fishing trip with the Dr and the Captain. Boom tish goes the drum machine, fizz buzz goes the guitar, parp, bloop goes the keyboard,
ba la ba ba goes the singer. Chuck in some JAMC, 60s psyche, classic indie bubblegum and woosh goes my heart, grin goes my mouth. Oh yes, it’s all going on round here.

Blast the snappy jangle of ‘Start The Week’ through your headphones as you leave the house on a Monday morning and you’ll be bouncing down that street, you’ll be clapping your hands above your head and leading a Mexican wave on the top deck of the bus. This is the sound of fearless felicity. There’s a song called ‘Surfing The Sunshine’, goddammit, it has trumpets and big chunky drumbeats. Trace a line; The Velvet’s begat Jonathan Richman, whose ‘Roadrunner’ begat The Jesus and Mary Chain’s ‘Frequency’ which brings us now to the fabulous scuzzing ‘Transistorblast’. You really can’t go wrong hammering out echoing drumbeats, stamping on the fuzzpedal and blamming up the reverb. Then, you’ve barely got your wits back when the irresistible ‘Vanishing Girl’ tweaks The Monkees’ noses before scampering off to play knock down ginger with Fonda 500.

Run a little cine film in your head splicing together all the dumb things that make you grin; dogs wearing hats, standing under lawn sprinklers in the park, hurtling in a chair on castors across the tarmac-ed office roof, disco-dancing to The Archers theme tune… Sound-tracking this film are Nutronstars with their buzzing casio sweetshop fuzz pop. To be filed next to great joyous pop bands like Super Furry Animals or The Banana Splits.

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