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My Sad Captains – Bad Decisions (Fortuna Pop!)

This is dewy-fresh, gently psychedelic cheery pop with a sunny melody that kicks up its heels and gambols through the long grass as dual vocalists Cathy and Ed twist words in amongst the stems. It’s nigh on impossible not to sway along to the sparkling guitars and ba ba bas of ‘Bad Decisions’. If My Sad Captains hailed from the U.S. everyone would be joyfully flinging their Flaming Lips records sky-high to this. As it is, this is the closest the UK is likely to get to basking in the summershine this year.

Over on the B-side, ‘Here and Elsewhere’ wraps you in a comforting texture of sounds like a big old patchwork blanket stitched with shivery accordions, backwards guitars, tinkly glockenspiels, ribbetting percussion and wistful boy/girl vocals. Burrow down for a spot of sunbeam psych-pop dreaming.

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