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Miss Pain – Heartbreaker / Caught My Eye (Tblissi Recordings)

Before this CD is even out of its sleeve Miss Pain win the Kitten Painting Award for Entertaining Cover Artwork with their spot-on Mills & Boon pastiche. They then go on to scoop the Kitten Painting Award for Fuzzing Glamtronik Popism with these two tales of love, lust and ‘loins on fire’.


Starting with the wheeze of an analogue robot orchestra tuning up/turning on, ‘Heartbreaker’ marries dirrty twanging guitar to fizzing, squiggling synth. Mad scientists have kidnapped Jon Spencer. Slouching round-shouldered amongst the foaming test tubes, he’s a grubby stain against the pristine, clinical whiteness. Meanwhile, Marc Almond peers through the window and this torch song springs from his lips and snakes into a creaking ventilation system that’s tapping out a precision heartbeat.

‘Caught My Eye’ sees a girl/boy duet pressed up against saw-toothed guitars, smooth swirls of keyboard and limp-wristed hand-claps. The lady lyrics stalk around indignantly, “You’ve got a nerve and you caught my eye” they announce, whilst the befuddled male protests “You’ve got the wrong guy”. This is what happened when The Human League fell through a wormhole and spent the night in 21st Century Brighton.

R.R.R.G: Manipulated self-controlled filth

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