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Manic Cough – Lips & Hips (Purr Records)

Not quite as much fun as having the Coff hopping happily about in front of you wearing interesting outfits and shouting ‘Oi, Oi Saveloy!’ (as is their wont), but still a mighty fine record to stick on as the early morning sunshine streams through the kitchen window bathing yer eggs and chips and Weetabix in a cheery glow. All aboard for a rowdy singalong with this paean to/ critique of fashion lust and shoppin’ til you’re droppin’. ‘She’s gonna die in a shop, she’s gonna hang on a rail’. Get those knees-up and swing those arms (whoops knocked over a milk bottle) whilst the guitar gets all Cornflake crunchy then swivels its hips slinkily. The Poly Styrene vocals and rumble-thump drums will get you looking lively to a lickety-split beat. Irresistible glam punker girl fun.
Hup hup.

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