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Luxembourg – We Only Stayed Together For The Kids (Dogbox Records)

Here come those lovely Luxemboys again with a whip smart new single, sounding bright as a new pin whilst sardonically kicking over the ashes of a burnt out love.

With its brilliant oh-so-Lux title, ‘We Only Stayed Together For The Kids’ buzzes and bustles breezily, careening around Rob’s liquid, scribbly guitar lines (think Bernard B. and Johnny M. crayoning on the walls together, their little tongues sticking out with concentration) and Alex’s winsome twinkling over on the keyboards. The whole shebang totters joyfully up the scale before bursting exuberantly into a stampingly mighty chorus throughout which one can picture David sternly wagging a finger, “You must think me very naïve baby. It’s years since I have seen you without clothes” Ouch. Grubby fingerprints and sticky mouths all round.

Over on t’other side of this healthily hefty slab of vinyl (feel that width!) everything’s gone dark. ‘A Secret Public’ stalks and sneers as David teases out the histrionics beautifully, here’s a man who remains elegant even whilst foaming at the mouth. Guitar throbs like a vein in a sweat-beaded forehead. Monolithic keyboards hum and spark, dried blood under the fingernails. And from between the cracks a saxophone slithers, nastily choking out ropes of noise. Good God, it’s downright menacing.

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