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Luxembourg vs Great Britain – Luxembourg (Dogbox Records)

So...downloading songs. Not really that au fait with modern technology? Feel like your status as a CONSUMER is being cheapened by the airy-fairy concept of buying something you can’t actually touch wafting down a phone-line? Jonesing for proper product you can grasp in your shivering, clammy paw? Got this unshakeable urge for a chunk of plastic wrapped in a shiny sleeve featuring a pale male torso? Then relief is yours!

Those darlings at Dogbox records are releasing the mighty ‘LVGB’ as a real life record you can buy, carry home triumphantly and caress in the privacy of your bedsit. I think we all know by now that you need this song in your life (if not see here) but what of the other two tracks you’ll get for your cash?

Well, there’s ‘The Exhibitionist’ which goes rollicking along somewhere between Martha and the Muffins’ ‘Echo Beach’, The Smiths’ ’Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others’ and er, ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper’ (no really, I was just trying to think what that rolling guitar sounded like and that’s what it is. Blimey). Rob’s guitar even goes a tad psychedelic in parts, but then its okay ‘cos Alex sprinkles skinny synth sounds all over the top giving ‘The Exhibitionist’ that requisite Lux glitter we’ve all come to demand as our right. ‘You can have me if you want me / and you can have me right now’ cries David as you execute some fancy footwork across the laminate flooring. Oh, go on then.

‘About Time’ is one of those delicate Luxembourg moments that they do so well. A softly glowing keyboard, which manages to be both incredibly cute and really rather touching, frame’s David’s voice as he delicately picks his way through the words. Let’s you down gently.

R.R.R.G: Comprehensive aggravated blush

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