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The Loves – Xs and Os (Fortuna Pop!)

Look! Here come The Loves dressed in polka-dot glam with bubblegum breath, spraying sugar sprinkles over your world with the lazily rolling fuzz-pop sweetness of ‘Xs and Os’. A perfect pop collision between The Archies and Marc Bolan that’ll have you seeing day-glo stars for daze.

Next, a genius Spectoresque make-over has turned oldie Loves song ‘She’ll Break Your Heart’ into a pop wonderland that begins with a skinny ska-beat before sweeping you along on triumphant majorette drumming, soary keyboards and chimey chimes backed with impenetrable Jane Birkin style muttering. If she doesn’t break your heart then this’ll do it for you.

By way of contrast, ‘My Sweet Drunken Blues (For You)’ sees Simon Love cutely indulging his Dylan craving with loping guitar strummage, bar-room ivory ticklin’, and whistlin’ that make for a pleasingly tousle-headed country ramblin’ blues.

Then sprawling around the room on squelchily buzzing guitar and whacked out organ is an endearingly demented cover of Os Mutantes’ ‘Nao Va Se Perder Por Ai’, sounding like it’s being sung by a cabal of evil pixies. Peachy indie tropicalia, like dropping tabs decorated with Miffy in a bikini.

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