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The Long Blondes – Separated by Motorways (Good and Evil)

Ah, The Long Blondes; ladies who know how to wear a chiffon scarf, gentlemen who can carry a tank-top with panache, put them together and somehow they’ll throw together irresistible little numbers like this. Rattling clattertrap drums, filthily rumbling bass, emaciated guitar tangling itself up in it’s own twanginess, Kate in full shrieking Banshee mode; ‘Separated By Motorways’, always a Kitten fave when it gets a live airing, sees The Long Blondes getting well raucous before crashing into a thoroughly pleasing chorus which will nestle in your cerebellum pretty much forever.

Every time I hear 'Separated by Motorways' I get this film I saw years ago showing in my head. It was called 'Butterfly Kiss', the plot summary of which starts like this, 'Eunice is walking along the highways of northern England from one filling station to another. She is searching for Judith...' It was touching, funny and a bit mental. Sort of like The Long Blondes in a way.

Anyone who knows how to carry off pink stiletto heels and monochrome striped ankle socks will recognise b-side ‘Big Infatuation’ as classic Long Blondes. Let’s see now, scratchy twist and shout tune leading you a merry dance all over the shop with a floor pounding, foot-stomping beat? Lyrics that check the Holiday Inn, smoking Russians and drinking Pimms and a section that cheekily apes ‘Summer Lovin’? A wry smile and some frilly bit of a thing worn like a weapon? Yes, yes and yes, spot-on.

R.R.R.G: Supermarket aggravated transparency

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