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The Long Blondes – Appropriation (By Any Other Means) (Angular Recording Corporation)

The Long Blondes are one of a triumvirate of bands, initially unleashed into the Kitten consciousness by Angular Records, that have been really rocking my socks recently (the others being Luxembourg and The Boyfriends). You know when you have to keep going to see a band so you can cram your ears full of all their top pop tunes? With the Long Blondes it’s like that. So hurrah for this latest single which perfectly shows off their nimble knack for twisting out tricksy, delectable songs.

‘Appropriation (By Any Other Means’ kicks off like a jangly ‘Personality Crisis’ before veering off to canter along very pleasingly, ducking down odd side-streets as you hurry along behind curious as to where its going to take you next. It’s three minutes EXACTLY of expertly executed gleamingly serrated pop. Dorian and Emma’s guitars adeptly rub each other up the wrong way, clattering and clanging. Kate’s voice shines, slipping from accusing to wounded to resigned, slicing through the snappy, crackling pop sound. The cherry on top is Russell Senior’s violin-playing. Cor, remember when you used to go and see Pulp and old Russell was stretching and twirling with his violin, adding that extra edge of artful wonderousness to the whole shebang? That’s happening here too.

‘My Heart’s Out Of Bounds’ perfects the art of mixing ‘Parallel Lines’ with Billy Fury. A fine example of The Long Blondes’ ability to maintain their poise even while bouncing off the walls with one of their rambunctious rockabilly-tinged numbers.

‘Lust In The Movies’ rumbles menacingly, glinting with consumptive glamour, “I don’t feel well/ I’ve got this rattling in my chest”. The verses seethe with sneering, restless guitars and repressed madness before boiling over into a shout-a-long chorus that name-checks Edie Sedgwick, Anna Karina and um, what? Never mind, altogether now, “I just want to be a sweet heart!”

R.R.R.G: Poison down-at-heel Elastoplast

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