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The Lodger – Let Her Go (Angular Recording Corporation)

You stick your head round the door of the box-room and there’s The Lodger sprawled on the lilac candlewick bedspread, “Er, sorry to bother you”, you murmur, “but could you knock up a feistily jangling pop song that kicks up sparks as it helter skelters its way straight to your heart? And if you could see your way to layering on some creamy brass sounds that cause yearning/triumphant shivers to trickle down the spine, that would be really great. Um, right, thanks."

Three singles in and The Lodger have got this charming heart-drowning pop lark down. ‘Let Her Go’ starts off as a deceptively simple beat tune with ringing guitars, thumpy drums and Ben’s lovely English boy voice gabbling out the words. Then the swoopily fab chorus hits, and you’re tumbling along the pavement, laughing giddily because there’s this trumpetty backing that sounds so ridiculously pop perfect and its totally made for having a heart full of ‘ba ba bas’ sung against it (although these don’t happen, you have to put them in yourself). Urgent and lush and dreamy.

‘We Come From The Same Place’ makes full use of the aforementioned voice, sounding all vulnerable and sad-eyed, to sweep you along atop a rattling layer of marching band drums and soberly pealing guitar until eventually you fall swooning into the arms of a big old string-filled wide-screen finish.

Later you hear a scuffling in the hallway and the front-door snick shut. You tiptoe out to investigate and there glinting on the telephone table are two sublime slices of faultlessly constructed pop wonderment. The Lodger’s done you proud.

R.R.R.G: Fine and dandy smashed glance

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