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The Lodger – Watching / Not So Fast (Double Dragon)

The Lodger have a fiendish way with a tune that’s the aural equivalent of them sneaking in and thumping you in the back of the knees so you crumple in a heap. This double A-side once again finds the band parading their knack for mixing the melodic with the melancholic and making it sound dead simple, like.

Hurrah then for the gulpingly galloping ‘Watching’, a perfectly-formed piece of domesticated guitar pop, on which the fab Terry Hall-isms of Ben’s voice have given way to a certain Dan Treacyness, which of course is no bad thing. Maintains a fine balance between boisterousness, bitterness and fragility, which is what all the girls love.

Then erk! The Lodger shuffle in late at night all downbeat and introspective with ‘Not So Fast'. Starting off ticking and chiming like Sarah Records never turned up their toes (I’m thinking Field Mice and Another Sunny Day here), halfway through everything goes all dreamily expansive. Look up the phrase ‘yearning tune’ on your online dictionary and this will blast out of your tinny laptop speakers, forcing you to grasp a tea-towel at either end and wave it above your head like a banner. “You don’t understand/ You just steal my plans”. No, no, I’m fine, just got something in my eye.

R.R.R.G: Prying resignation flapjack

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