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The Lodger – 3 Track Demo

The Lodger are from Leeds and as far as this demo’s concerned knock out brilliantly immediate sparkling English pop. Singer Ben has the flat-vowelled, dry passion of Terry Hall, (not least because of the way he sings, ‘rat-race’) which is obviously a very ace thing indeed. First track ‘Getting Special’ is wryly wistful and when it kicks in, reminds me of Mr Hall’s mid-eighties ensemble The Colourfield, bitter kitchen sink charm married to a bleakly cheery ditty.

‘Unsatisfied’ continues in a similar vein with pensive melody and clear-eyed melancholy. The chorus waltzes and spirals heart-tuggingly, utterly gorgeous. ‘Many Thanks For Your Honest Opinion’ stamps along cheekily, hinting at some Blur-iness while maintaining a sense of weary, deadpan disgust. ‘This is a lesson in dragging me down’ sings Ben as the guitar jangles frantically like a panicky host trying to keep the party atmosphere going.

It’s all thoroughly endearing. Time for The Lodger to stop loitering on the stairs and move in permanently.

R.R.R.G: Beaming double-star recording

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