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Le Tetsuo - I Understand If You Speak Slowly
(Mummy Where’s the Milkman Records)

Having spent a portion of my youth kicking around the city that always sleeps, it warms the beating Kitten heart to see mysterious musical murmurings are afoot in Norwich. So, to the city’s sneakily growing canon of popoddsters that includes Bearsuit, Magoo and Kaito we can now add Le Tetsuo. They’re the band that likes to say ’grrrrrroowwwll!’ if this collection of scuffling, prowling black’n’blues swamprock is anything to go by…

‘I Understand If You Speak Slowly’ The title track full of slipsliding guitars and rising/falling panda-eyed girl vocals comes over like Kaito if they hung out near swamps. ‘Leaping Cod Blues’ = Seafood in a monster movie. ‘Nickers Off Ready When I Come Home’ (get it, eh?) is a fab Jon Spencer bluesy bump & grind, or maybe more Boss Hogg with its groovy boy/girl dynamic. ‘One For The Preacher’ – hoo! now they cooking, a filthy hip-swinging yowl. ‘Love Transmitter’ …and relax…with Jack and Charlie chiming ‘It’s just a message for the viewers at home’ under and over each other on this morning light, no sleep, driving home with your head on automatic, come down gently tune.

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