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Kelman – The Heart Is A Useless Ally

Ex-Baptiste chappies carry on the good work by sneakily coming up with three and a half minutes worth of fine, regret-stained, swimmily gorgeous pop.Mighty swathes of shivering organ and a chorus full of cymbals going ktsschh! make for a pleasingly stately sound which is sliced with vulnerability thanks to Wayne Gooderham’s elegantly fey estuary-toned vocals.

You can’t help but feel for the lad as he unfolds his tale of sorrily sozzled bitterness. And ooh, ooh a melodica solo! The melodica is an instrument guaranteed to add a layer of indie gawkiness to proceedings, a sure-fire pomposity puncturer. In this case it adds a sad-eyed charm as the song processes toward its conclusion. ‘How does it feel?’ Kelman beseech over and over, before concluding (rather shamefacedly), ‘I don’t know’. File next to the Chemistry Experiment under ‘velvetly atmospheric, with sweet hooks’.

Track two, ‘Untitled’, twinkles in the stillness, drip-feeding sound as a gently chiming guitar flickers against an undertow of bassy hum. It’s luxuriant, like high cocoa-solid chocolate (look I’m a girl, it’s a metaphor we can relate to), a calm, comforting whisper of a moment, huddling in the half-light, as Wayne murmurs ruefully. Then the organ swirls in briefly to drench the whole song in light, like wrenching open the curtains to reveal a firework display. Before closing them again to continue staring into a candle flame.

R.R.R.G: Lapsed lesson astray

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