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Kelman – Is This How It Ends?/Postcards

Once again, Kelman have quietly delivered another of their subtly affecting pieces of Velvets-lined noirishness. There’s no hoop-la or flashiness here, just tamped down emotions held beneath a shimmering surface of Mo Tucker-style primal drumbeats and flickering guitars. There’s an elegant temperance to the sound aided by Wayne Gooderman’s warm, understated vocals.

But stones are thrown, ripples spread, and subdued outbursts bloom into bruises of noise, as the song progresses from controlled caresses to euphoric deliverance laden with blurred guitars and rattling percussion. ‘Is This How It Ends?’ reminds me of ‘Some Candy Talking’ with its swooning sense of sulky restraint being built into a joyful flurry of sound. ‘Postcards’, on the other hand, is Ultra Vivid Scene meets Spacemen 3, gently winding around humming organ and lovesick vocals. Glowingly warm with a can’t-quite-put-your-finger-on-it seedy undertow.


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