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The Gresham Flyers – Shiftwork (Barryland)

The Gresham Flyers keep popping up on various shmindie bills at the moment. They play cheerily engaging odd-socks pop songs and keep swapping instruments on stage making you go a bit cross-eyed. Their single comes on blue vinyl – mmm, caress it’s deep-sea grooves, and allows one to appreciate their cute ‘n’ quirky tuneage in the comfort of one’s own home, without being alarmed by the fact that the bass player is wearing a knitted cat-ears hat (for example).

‘Shiftwork’ bustles along with smoothly jangling guitar and squidgily sparkling keyboard as singer John Waring regretfully sifts through a history of doomed romances with pleasing ordinary bloke vocals. A sweet and airy, toe-tapping indie disco floor-filler.

B-side ‘Cat Hits Car’ borrows some of Bearsuit’s manic rumble and yippy skippy rhythms, to chase after a happily squealing keyboard line that runs around like a ball of wool being attacked by an eager kitten (and goddamn those balls of wool are tempting aren’t they?) Tangled up amongst the threads is Sharon Leach’s girl next door voice* sliding around a song that celebrates the joys of dancing uncontrollably. Why not join in by bouncing up and down on the spot, grinning slightly scarily?

*the girl next door to me is a doctor, so what does that even mean?

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