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Go Rimbaud - Songs in Bad Taste

Now here’s a rum old pick and mix selection of odderies, but which one’s the fizzy cola bottle and which one’s the jumbo gobstopper?
Look up ‘jaunty’ in the dictionary and it’ll refer you to EP opener ‘The Ground Zero Tourist Song’. Fizzy fuzzy quirk pop, a saucy wink, and a triple-decker sandwich of increasingly demented vocals. ‘St Andrews Girl’ is early Stone(d)s r’n’b that staggers along the kerb with a sozzled leer and cowpunchdrunk vocals. If this song was a tramp it would be the kind of scraggy old jakie you pray you don’t get stuck with at the bus-stop. ‘Why don’t you fuck off home’ it gargles, charmingly.
We then get an intense Sonic Youth at a picnic guitar scritching instrumental followed by ragged kneed, cross-eyed country, ‘Honey won’t you be my Frankenstein’ they holler. Yeehah, cough.

What’s next? Why it’s a jungle/rock hybrid entitled ‘Collateral Damage’ (cheers) with a thumping chorus that drives me mad trying to identify which Siouxsie and the Banshees song it sounds exactly like (‘Mirage’, it turns out). Finally, there’s ‘If You Can’t Take A Joke You Can Get the Fuck Out Of My House’ a piano-plonking sneery knees-up that mutates into a cheery, yet disturbing meander a la Dawn Of The Replicants. Best of all the band have thoughtfully added a d.i.y. credits system to their sleeve, on which one can let one’s biro run riot: ‘Go Rimbaud would like to thank…….(insert name here).' Anyway, it turns out Go Rimbaud have transmogrified into Angels Fight The City, which as a band name at least has the advantage of not being misunderstood/misspelled (‘Go Rambo’ –urgh, grunt).

RRRG: Howling bullheaded ridicule

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