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The Fog Band – The Law Of The Sea (Purr Records)

Kids! The divine Fog Band’s forthcoming E.P. – out 30th May on the de-gorgeous Purr Records - will be on limited edition heavy weight 7” vinyl…mmmm… (Homeresque drooling). And what’s more it’s a glue-it-to-yer-turntable humdinger…

‘The Law Of The Sea’ spins dreamily with peals of ‘Albatross’-like rolling guitar which proceed to shiver and dissolve into sha la la, blamma lamma crashing chords (to refer to them as ‘riffs’ seems kind of vulgar). You’re lulled again by a shimmering calm before being tossed around the stormy waters of a raw and shrieking wig-out as the impeccably named/dressed Bobby Grindrod cuts a swathe across the top of a lightning shock Yardbird crunch. He leads you on a merry old dance with his finely-honed repertoire of r’n’b (as in the olden sort) jerks and twitches. Utter beat perfection. Put on a tie and a three-button suit, then shake your barnet ferociously to get the absolute mostest from this. Hey, it works in the Kitten household.

‘The Bachelor Section’ stutters and shakes restlessly with gentlemanly urgency. Bobby, preceding matters with some yelped ‘Yeah’s and ‘Come On’s, vehemently enunciates his way through this brief yet perfectly named sliver of raw modishness.

‘There’s A Ghost In My House’ is an excellent fresh-faced cover of the perennial fave, transforming the song into frantic, hip-swinging echo-chamber pop. Nips around nimbly full of clanging guitars and hissing drums. Then ends, leaving you wondering what just happened.

R.R.R.G: Beat about Crimped Anxiety

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