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Fiel Garvie - Leave Me Out of This

The band designed the sumptuous cover for this, their second album, and utterly delicious it is too, dotted with silver stars and soft focus fairy lights. This is very twinkley music. It’s standing under velvet skies gazing down benevolently at your town below glittering through the night. It’s drowsily watching dust motes float in the hazy rays of sunlight that creep through the gap in your curtains. It’s girls with tangley hair sprawled on moth-eaten chaise lounges swigging from cobwebbed bottles of red wine they found in the cellar.

The songs are delicately constructed around chiming guitars not heard since the halcyon daze of 4AD and the breathy girly voice of Anne. Bjork without the gargling gymnastics, Stina Nordenstam without the bonkers Swedishness, Isobel from Drugstore without the er, cowboy hat. The first song ‘b-rock’ features the lines ‘she sprinkled fairy dust on you/as she fell into your head’. Must…not…say…’ethereal’. Argh, I’ve said it. ‘Doortime’ recalls Slowdive at their mellowest (that’s pretty damn floaty then) whilst ‘Talking a Hole in My Head’ rouses itself with some insistent guitarge.

My favourite is ‘Old Friend’ with its weebling, skewy intro and simple chiming backing. It’s hushed and touching until the bitterness and sadness wells over into a tumultuous ending. Anne sings ‘I close the door on you my oldest friend / All because you slated me’. Blimey, good job I like this record then.

RRRG: Potent backwash mockery.

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