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Fanfarlo – Talking Backwards (Fortuna Pop!)

Fanfarlo are an intriguing proposition. Built around Swede (yes another one, hurrah!) turned Londoner Simon Aurell, they make intricately constructed mix ‘n’ match swooning pop designed to set your heart racing.

‘Talking Backwards’ takes Simon’s broken boy voice and sets it against a Mercury Rev-esque backdrop of downy piano, gauzy guitars and glinting glockenspiel. The result is a softly melancholy song that sweetly strokes your hair, but can’t resist giving it a nasty little tug now and then.

Meanwhile, b-side ‘Tuesday (You Come When We Call)’ is a burbling hotch-potch of voices, woobling keyboards, recorder and dixie-land clarinet whipped up into a closing-time lilt reminiscent of Suburban Kids With Biblical Names getting especially crazy in the school music room. Bewilderingly gorgeous.

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