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Elizabeth Harper (Angular Recording Corporation)

On what could possibly be the last day of summer, I put Elizabeth Harper’s LP on and it shimmers around the room, dipping and quivering in time to the glimmering sunlight skipping through the open window. Listening to Elizabeth Harper sing is like opening a box of butterflies. Notes flutter and swoop, flicker and flit delightfully. Her fairytale lilt lures you in until you’re as dopey as a bee over-laden with pollen. The drowsily swooning ‘Trouble in The Palace’ and ‘Low Tide’ feature prime Johnny Marr-esque sparkling guitar, blending perfectly with that voice. If sound can be luminous then these songs most certainly are.

It’s not all Lucy Atwell illustrations and pottering round the garden though, There’s bitching about boys on ‘Don Juan’ and ‘Accidental Flirt’, and all thoughts of sultriness are cast aside on the positively foaming ‘Parlour Window’, curiously reminiscent of The Stranglers. The sparkling, graceful delivery of the songs belies their lyrical ache. ‘Clean Cut’ broods lackadaisically through languorous heavy-limbed ennui, ‘Internal bleeding can kill me/ a clean cut cannot’ mourns Elizabethas guitars shiver and drums hiss like rain. Happily, she’s no moaning Minnie, like any girl who knows what’s what, Ms Harper mixes wit and sarcasm into her smartly observed lovelorn tales, ‘Wasn’t I worthy of a forward motion? / Unless you’re gay, well then that’s another story’. Elizabeth Harper is light years from any of those (argh!) earnest ‘singer-songwriter’ types and her record is utterly charming (man).

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