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The Electric Cinema – Heat Exchange (Sugarlow Records)

The Electric Cinema present: a fragile male voice, squidgy, molten bubblegum noises, a gentley undulating bass line, ice cream layers of keyboards and discombobulating swirls and beeps that lead into a splendidly sweeping melancholy pop chorus that will carry you away on a wistful battery-powered wave.

'Heat Exchange' sounds like the hazy embers of a dead hot summer’s day, as shadows start stretching their chilly fingers right out and abandoned picnic things roll messily across the grass. It summons up faded photo memories of sweet sunshine songs on the radio, The Locust Eaters, The Lightning Seeds, The Lilac Time, but with an oddball mis-fit twist. A shimmery electronic-pop curio, then. Just don’t do what I did and go and look at the photos of the band on their web site. There’s something alarming about them. Sorry, just saying, like.

R.R.R.G: Clement piping blaze

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