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Dedalus / Politik - Split E.P. (Nomad AM Records)

Here we have an e.p. split between two groups of boys with knitted brows going blammablamma on their guitars. Isn’t it great when boys do that? Not as great as when girls do it obviously, but still…

Dedalus kick things off purposefully with thumpy drums and glinting guitars. You can’t go wrong that way really. True you’re not going anywhere new, in fact you could be careering along the track marked The Railway Children* until there’s a points change that takes us steaming towards Snow Patrol-ish territory. This is mainly due to the fact that the singer has that Irish thing going on in his voice (thoroughly charming it is too) plus there’s a swollen lushness to the sound. And if you reckon that Snow Patrol seem kind of weedy these days, maybe Dedalus are what you’re looking for; lip-smacking melancholia married to a heartbeating determination. This is especially good at the end of the final track where they go all spiralling, soaring INTENSE.

*That’s the band not the book/film, there’s not really any waving of bloomers going on here.

The arrival of Politik on the stereogram is accompanied by the shrieks and bangs of the kidz outside getting their hands on this year’s first crop of fireworks which fits ‘cos Politik are making a broody autumnal sound. Bright sparks of light fizz against the dark as the band rock ye olde tried and true moody smouldering vs SUDDEN bursts of movement dynamic. The warm-hearted guitars and muttery vocals sound like Mogwai baking potatoes in the ashes of their Trail of Dead records. How great would it be to go to a bonfire party organised by Mogwai? Cider would probably be involved.

Anyway, Politik’s guitars skitter and glide as the drums fall down the stairs because they’ve got their jumpers pulled up over their faces. A few years ago I made a tape (we still had tapes in them days) to listen to as I walked home on dark November evenings. Politik would have fitted in well on that tape. I cut out little letters to label it which said ’post rock’ Are we still allowed to call things ‘post-rock’? If we are then that’s what I’m calling this I reckon.

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