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The Chemistry Experiment – Interstellar Autumn EP (Fortuna Pop!)

Brrrr…The Chemistry Experiment go off their rockers and meld drippily flipped out 70s tune ‘Forever Autumn’ (off the ‘War of the Words’ soundtrack, yes) with ‘Interstellar Overdrive’. It’s like waking to find yourself stuffed down the back of a brown velvet sofa, but Christ on a bike, it works!

Much hazy flutiness conjures smoke-smelling, leaf-crackling afternoons on the wistful first section before we take a deep breath and duck under into the murky depths of the Pink Floyd side of the deal. It’s brilliantly executed, although I’m not entirely sure to what end. Never mind though ‘cos then we get that ace disco one off the Chem Exp’s latest album, i.e. ‘You’re The Prettiest Thing’, so disentangle yourself from the brown velvet, knock back a Campari and orange (tip - a fave Kitten refreshment) and go for a whirl across the geometrically patterned lino.

Kicking off with the rock ‘n’ roll sound of the Radio 4 ‘pips’, track three ‘Karin’ sees the band indulging in a little light Moog-y fingerwork against some smoothly sparkling guitar and simultaneously reminds you of Pulp’s ‘Razzmatazz’ and the Theme from M.A.S.H. Nice. Then there’s an utterly fab toy-town Human League, speak’n’spell cover of The Butterflies of Love’s ‘Belt and Shoelaces’ which warms your cockles, makes you smile, makes you do an unseemly dance, then makes you upset ‘cos you miss the Butterflies.

So it turns out the Interstellar Autumn E.P. is a veritable box of delights. You’ll swoon, you’ll croon, you’ll freak right out, you’ll get on down, you’ll dust down your copy of ‘The New Patient’, you’ll don a kipper tie and a pair of goggles because you’ll want to people to think you’re in the Chemistry Experiment. For this, oh freaky gang of Nottingham sorcerers, we salute you.

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