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Take It To Fantastic / Slumber Party – Cannonball Jane (Fortuna Pop!)

Ooh this is bleedin’ marvellous. One woman cut’n’paste beat superstar Cannonball Jane ushers in the summershine with this irresistible Latin flavoured pop lolly.


‘Take It To Fantastic’ rolls in on a buzzsaw wave, sounding like Stereolab in full drone-zone space out before dropping abruptly into a supremely slinky hip-rolling beat as Ms Jane prowls catlike through the undergrowth, curling out her come-hither vocals. Shards of brass glint out from the dense foliage of swinging sounds; bongos, handclaps, freakout organ breaks and amp-blasting monster beats all tied together by a snakily sinuous guitar riff. Deee-lite playing house band at Harry Palmer’s favourite jazz dive - perfect.

AA side ‘Slumber Party’ continues the one girl summer fun with its shilly shallying Saint Etienne shimmer. There’s Northern Soul piano sassiness and a lazily fluttering marimba sound over a rustling, echoy backbeat, not to mention a righteous glockenspiel solo. The daffodils are out, the sky is quite often blue, Spring has sprung. Time to hit the park, kids.

R.R.R.G: Polysyllabic belief duplication

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