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The Butterflies Of Love – Orbit Around You / In A Blizzard In A Lighthouse (Fortuna Pop!)

They’re back, back! Here we have the unmistakable sound of The Butterflies of Love, returned from the wilderness with an extra guitarist in tow and sounding pretty beefy on these two songs recorded on Christmas Eve last year, not that they sound particularly festive.

On Jeff Greene’s ‘Orbit Around You’ The Butterflies are reverberating off the walls and ready to wrap you up for winter. It’s a warmly satisfying melancholy judder, sung in a grizzled, clear-yr-throat voice and crammed with shuddering, shivering guitars, fluting organ and cooing backing vocals. Perfect for smoky autumn daydream evenings.

Sometimes I accidentally fancy Jeff Greene, especially when he’s onstage being all bambi-eyed and ten feet tall, wrapped around a guitar and creasing us all up with his between song wisecracking, but this time Dan Greene has the edge with ‘In A Blizzard In A Lighthouse’. The song does what it says on the sleeve, being a white-out of swirlingly dark psychedelic pop that whips your hair into your eyes with a sinkhole whoosh of sound. You can hear the rumble of waves on the rocks below as thick slabs of organ and a mob of guitars gang up to heave you out the window into the angrily boiling water. Turn it up loud and you’ll be wrecked.

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