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The Boyfriends / The Long Blondes (Filthy Little Angels Singles Club)

Filthy Little Angels have got their grubby little paws all over two bands last seen wrinkling their noses and pointing their toes on the latest Angular Records compilation.

On Side A: The Boyfriends charm us like billyo, ‘Live like there’s no tomorrow/ this very day could be your last’, they croon masterfully on ‘No Tomorrow’. Delicious brooding bass is topped with ringing guitar and it’s so damn catchy I end up with this moody piece accompanying me everywhere inside my head.

‘I Love You’ opens with the sound of six strings splintering and shattering and goes on to scoop up your heart, dipping and gliding its way to a delirious feedback dusted close.
Stay on my arm you little charmers.
On Side B: The Long Blondes do some art skool pop for ‘Autonomy Boy’. Skeletal chords are plucked over a ‘look at me play, ma!’ no-fingered bass line as hiccuping lady vocals strip your skin at fifteen paces. Seems like Elastica and Siouxsie have got their pants mixed up down the laundrette. Again. Meanwhile, back at the squat ‘Long Blonde’ rides an emaciated guitar down the stairs bumping and jumping with a skiffle scuffle.
Fantastically, this bundle of pop thrills is encased in a slab of vinyl the colour of skin on custard. It’s utterly delicious and I don’t even like custard.

RRRG: Fancy saber-rattlling heaven

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