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Black Ramps - Shark Attack E.P.

‘All the cats say meow, meow, meow, meow…’ Hey! I can relate to this. Black Ramps win a prize (an imaginary one) for inadvertently creating a Kitten Painting theme tune with ‘Battlecat’. Plus, they have a great picture of a staring cat (it’s what we do best) on their web site. Luckily, they also play fantastically fuzzy, chewy guitars that go blamma, blamma, whizz in a rollercoasting Urusei manner.

There’s a certain wit and verve (not The Verve, jeez!) to this here collection of scuff shoed lo-fi rock songs that makes this cat flick her ears and twitch her whiskers, where usually Drowned In Sound Rock* leaves her blank eyed. Now, just need to develop a signature dance to go with that theme tune …meow, meow, meow.

*a genre I have recently developed, you know what I mean

RRRG: Honeycombed replay caravan

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