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Bearsuit - Chargr (Fortuna Pop!)

From the sublime to the demented, Fortuna Pop! is nothing if not a broad church. ‘Chargr’ sounds like Bearsuit have been asked to construct the ultimate tooth-rattling, eyeball swivelling indie schmindie windie song. Thumpsome drums kickstart a round of yelping for boys and girls alongside squonking guitar. This alternates with toytown sha la la fizzing guitar pop. Hey kids! there’s something for everyone. A mid-song hush lulls you into a false dreamy world of twee security as the vocals go all Graham Coxon little boyish. ‘Summer’s round again, mid-riff season’ warbles the wide eyed boy, before it all kicks off again. A huggable hullabaloo.

B side, ‘What, you’ve never seen snow before?’ is definitely going to be a staple on the Kitten sound-’system’ over yuletide. Bells jingle, trumpets parp, you can taste the snow on your tongue (don’t eat the yellow snow, mind) and see the shining faces of the Bearsuit carol singers clustering round your door – aaah. Keep the chain on though, else they’ll be in there like a shot scoffing all your mince pies and strangling Granny with the tinsel.

RRRG: Novel tempestuous whipping boy

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