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Automation - Hate Sound

Woo, a cranky electric noise buzzes from the speakers and Ian McCulloch warbles forth. Only it isn’t Ian McCulloch, it’s Chris from Automation, brilliant! Automation are picking up the slack trailing after the one-time greatest living Scouser, pulling it taught and twanging out an attitude laden stomp called ‘Hate Sound’. Jerky beats surf a wave of unashamedly swooshing synths for a sneery slice of pop nastiness perfect for swishing your home-made asymmetric fringe to. ‘Fits You Up’ continues the dance floor shenanigans with a poker straight Joy Div intro before spiralling into a blast of insouciantly wound up sound.

Final track, ‘Set It Off’ goes for a more minimalist industrial swagger, veering close to, yowsa, ‘Temple Of Love’ era Sisters of Mercy! Remember when goth wasn’t a real comedy genre and the indie massive had big hair and wore black as a matter of course, not because they thought they were vampires? This reminds me of then and Automation are the cool kids plotting in the corner.

RRRG: Fervid counterforce truth

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