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The Ape Drape Escape – 200 Angry Bikers (The Laundrette Recording Company)

I’m woken from Saturday morning slumbers by the postman brandishing a big envelope. Inside it is another pristine envelope made of alarming 70s cream flock wallpaper. It’s a bit rubbery and weird. I’m not properly awake, what’s going on? Oh, it’s from The Ape Drape Escape. This is the kind of discombobulating lunacy one can expect from them.

I had the ‘pleasure’ of seeing The ADE play last year – an alarming and exhilarating experience, the same of which could be said for this heady brew of strutting, pouting, fruitlooping rock ‘n’ roll chaos and fizzingly over-excited beepings.

The admirably titled ‘They Filled A Bag With Laughs, Threw It In The River, Now They’re Sad’ darts out of your speakers and demands you bounce on the bed squealing into a hairbrush. Dang it’s catchy. ‘With a little bit of backbone, backbone’ goes the scary man with the shiny eye make-up. Der ler ler ler lerler goes the guitar as fat squirty keyboard noises squidge out behind it. ‘Yowser!’ go the kids, headbanging wildly as the bibbly space noises start up.

‘200 Angry Bikers’ is a more abstract variation on the above, a squalling mess of growlingly fuzzing guitar and tinpot bish bosh drums that creeps up behind you brandishing a glinting axe demanding you throw yourself about to its almighty stomp. With abandon, mind.

R.R.R.G: Explosive misleading head register

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