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Age Of Jets - RPM (Damaged Goods)

Age of Jets used to be Kid Samson, a tricksy bunch of popsters from Hull. Now they’ve gone all one-fingered bleepy, falling in love with their laptops. ‘Computers write letters they help us to communicate’ they chant over and over on ‘RPM’ in a ‘don’t feed the nutters’ way, fuzzing it up like Blur in one of their spazzy moods.

‘My Konputr’ is basically a reprise of the first, enough fuzz to snarl up an industrial strength Ronco Fuzz-Away™ and frenzied shouting of ‘My konputr! My konputr!’ it does the job, although I’m a bit hazy on what that job actually is.
Best is ‘Experience Goes A Long Way’, starting out as a sparse, twisty wee bugger, growing around a two chord riff and a half-witted keyboard stab into a thing of rude, sneery beauty.

RRRG: Speak through one's nose transmission trifle

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