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Age Of Jets - Go Go Gadget Pop (Damaged Goods)

Ooh, what have we here? It’s Age Of Jets playing ‘Beast With A Billion Eyes’, a delicious album opener of lip-smacking sonic exuberance, a Urusei Yatsura smoothie with Pete Shelley-esque vocals. And they’re starting as they mean to go on, Go Go Gadget Pop is bursting at the seams with joyous see-sawing tunes fizzing with blips, beeps and SOUNDZ OF THE FUTURE, assuming the SOUNDZ OF THE FUTURE have been dictated by Palitoy. ‘Volvo’ sounds like a Speak & Spell ‘Boy With The Arab Strap’. ‘Peter And Sarah’ is a Legoland ‘Girl’s And Boys’.

When you’ve happily digested this delirious wibbling pop pay attention to the lyrics. It’s not all gleaming eyes and revolving lights. Age of Jets are throwing in some melancholy behind their rambunctious noise. ‘I still get the Monday blues I guess it’s down to you’ they burble on ‘Fun Fuhrer’, whilst ‘For The Love Of An Eskimo’ unashamedly high kicks it’s way around the room before having a mid-song sulk ‘I cannot face the day today.’ There’s the ace brooding beast that is ‘Experience Goes A Long Way’ picking over the problems of er, copulation. Then the wistful gets combined with the ridiculous on ‘Photos of Dead Pets, ‘Look at the sun and the moon, see the stars how they shine’ they soar dreamily as a theremin bibbles wild-eyed.

Age Of Jets’ primary-coloured charm is reminiscent of Fonda 500, in fact, Simon Stone, chief fluffy ear-wearer with Fonda 500 gets special thanks inside, but Go Go Gadget Pop revolves around a world of boogieing robots rather than the fuzzy critters that inhabit Fonda-land. This is pixilated pop - the perfect soundtrack for digital dalliances.

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