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Angels Fight The City – Like A Dog

This lot used to be the oddball Go Rimbaud and judging from this e.p., they’ve retained their eclectic, outsider-rock feel alongside the literary referencing (the line ‘Like a Dog’ is taken from Kafka’s ‘The Trial’ “the last words of Josef K” as the song says)

First up, ‘Like A Dog’. A thrumming groove drives along this itchy, funky Stereolab meets (warning! overused band comparison du jour approaching) Gang of Four delight. ‘All our humour is gallows humour’ they decry, handily summing up the wryness that infuses their songs. ‘The One I Wanted First’ is reminiscent of one of Trail Of Dead’s more contemplative moments (as opposed to the wild-eyed, instrument shattering moments) - moody, half-spoken verses are set against sections of spiralling, shrieking guitar; storytelling versus noisemaking. ‘Dead Flowers Blues’ steadily winds itself up over restless, ramshackle guitars which crunch fantastically into a howling R’n’B drone. If we say ‘Dead Flower Blues’ is AFTC’s ‘Run Run Run’ (albeit a staggering, nose-bleeding ‘Run Run Run), then ‘The Plot’ must be their ‘Sunday Morning’; the hazy, sleepy eyed comedown complete with sherbetty strumming, shivery cymbals and glockenspiel. Rather incongruously, it also brings to mind Belle and Sebastian’s ‘Sleep The Clock Around’, although that’s probably just my synapses misfiring.

Listening to this record is like going to an East End art gallery*. There’s a whole selection of intriguing, vaguely familiar, creative stuff going on. Makes you think, makes you smile, makes you go huh?
Makes you go ‘Yeah! I get it. That’s great.’ And you go back to the beginning for another look.

(* Try it, you might like it

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